Must-have Timelapse Software

Have a look at some of the best timelapse and hyperlapse software and plugins on the market right now. Recommended by an industry professional with over a decade of experience.

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What is your skill level?


Timelapse Novice

You're just dipping your toes into the timelapse pond and wanted to get started.


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Timelapse Enthusiast

You're aware of the basics and want to improve the quality of your work or try new things.


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Timelapse Professional

You're a seasoned pro and want to learn what the latest and greatest on the market is.


Novice Timelapse Software

At this level you want to keep things simple and straight-forward.

Be it JPEG or RAW sequences that you want to edit, you likely don't want to buy expensive software or get stuck into a subscription-based model.

The two most user-friendly and value-for-money timelapse software I've found are GlueMotion and TimelapseDeflicker for Mac and PC.

They both have a free and a paid version and allow deflickering, rendering, keyframing, and more.

Enthusiast Timelapse Software

You've exceeded the limits of what free or cheap software can do for you and you want better control over your RAW image sequences and all the editing that comes with it.

The combination of Adobe Lightroom Classic and LRTimelapse is a must-have, used by the majority of professionals in the timelapse world.

Watch my Holy Grail editing tutorial video here to get a preview of what you can achieve.


Advanced Timelapse Software

Powerful software and plugins for the seasoned timelapse professional.

Organize your footage in Lightroom with the Timelapse+ Studio plugin.
Color grade your RAW sequences in Adobe Lightroom Classic.
Deflicker and ramp your settings with LRTimelapse.
Edit hyperlapses, create time-slices, and render your master files with Adobe After Effects.
Reduce the noise in your footage with Neat Video.

A special shoutout to DaVinci Resolve Studio which keeps on improving and is now almost a one-stop-shop for timelapse photographers. Watch my videos about it here.

Watch all my other timelapse editing tutorials here.

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