Must-have Timelapse Camera Gear

Have a look at some of the best timelapse and hyperlapse tools on the market right now. Recommended by an industry professional who has put all these tools through their paces, and then some.

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Timelapse Equipment

From cameras with built-in timelapse features, to lenses, and tripods.



Timelapse Accessories

Camera mounts, storage cards and hard drives, camera bags, and more.



Timelapse Software

Check out the dedicated timelapse software page for all your plugins and editing applications.


Timelapse Camera

My current favorite timelapse camera is the Lumix S5II. It features amazing, built-in timelapse and stop-motion features. It can shoot RAW files and render them in-camera up to 4K 10-bit video files.

Click the image to watch my video about it.

Another great option would be the original Lumix S5, which has nearly all of the same features at a better price point.

Lumix cameras work with a wide range of lenses thanks to mount adapters, more on those below.

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Timelapse Lenses

A timelapse lens needs to be sharp at every setting, needs to withstand harsh weather, and ideally, has a versatile focal range too.

My current favorite timelapse lens is the LUMIX S 24-105mm F4 MACRO O.I.S.

It has a great optical stabilizer for handheld hyperlapse photography and allows you to shoot subjects up close.

If you need a wide angle lens I recommend the LUMIX S 16-35mm F4 PRO.

The L-mount system works well with other brand lenses if you pair it with a mount converter, listed below.

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Timelapse Tripod


One of the key tools a timelapser should have while out shooting is a sturdy and reliable tripod that is fast to deploy and pack up when the job is done.

The tripod that ticks all the boxes for me is the Manfrotto 190Go! Carbon Fibre tripod.

Paired with the XPRO Ballhead I've never needed anything more.

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Timelapse Remote

The LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3.0 is a universal camera remote made specifically for timelapse and astro photographers.

Read more about why this remote is so good at this article here.

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Long Term Timelapse Camera


I have recently started using the Tikee 3 Pro+ as a long term timelapse camera system.

I am documenting the seasonal changes from our view in London and am very impressed with the quality and performance of this device.

Read more about it on my blog here.

You can use code matenlaps50 for an exclusive discount on their store.

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Small Timelapse Camera


IThe Gopro HERO11 is the most reliable and powerful GoPro I've used for timelapse and hyperlapse photography so far.

Read more about the best timelapse settings for your GoPro here.

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Lens Mount Converter

A timelapse lens needs to be sharp at every setting, needs to withstand harsh weather, and ideally, has a versatile focal range too.

My current favorite timelapse lens is the LUMIX S 24-105mm F4 MACRO O.I.S.

It has a great optical stabilizer for handheld hyperlapse photography and allows you to shoot subjects up close.

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Timelapse Motion Control

Motion control devices add a whole new level of production quality to your work.

It sets your footage apart from other shooters and opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

I've been using Syrp motion control gear for the last few years.

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Hyperlapse Tripod Wheels


These wheels have been used in studio environments for years.

They are also great for hyperlapse photographers for long shots along walkways and streets.

I recommend getting the bigger wheel models for more stability while rolling your kit around.

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Timelapse Memory Cards

Having fast, reliable, and durable memory cards is an absolute necessity for any timelapse or hyperlapse photographer.

I have tried all sorts of brands over the last decade and I have found Lexar to be the best value for money.

I mainly use the Lexar 256GB SDXC UHS-II cards.


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Timelapse Filters

There are hundreds of filters on the market these days, but over the years I've stuck with one single brand: Polar Pro.

I've found them to have decent pricing, great build quality, and minimal colour cast. When buying a filter make sure to select the right model and filter thread for your lens.

Polar Pro 77mm Circular Polariser – This circular polariser is my daily driver.

Polar Pro 77mm 10 stop ND filter – For when it's super bright outside and you want to drag your shutter. This 10-stop (ND1000) filter blocks out an enormous amount of light.

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Camera Clamp

This Manfrotto Super Clamp allows you to mount a ballhead and your camera to virtually any railing or vertical post.

It's super handy in places where you're not allowed to bring any tripods, like tourist viewing decks. 

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Reflection Blocker


Speaking of viewing decks, they are often walled around by thick glass.

The last thing you want to see in your timelapse footage are ugly reflections.

Using a lens hood or reflection blocker like the Lensskirt can totally eliminate this hurdle.

It wraps around your lens and mounts on the glass using handy suction cups.

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Camera Bag and ICU

Full disclosure: I am an ambassador for F-stop. That being said, I truly believe they make the best camera bags on the market. 

F-Stop Ajna – I use this bag paired with the Large Pro ICU. It's the best camera bag I've ever used and I recommend it to every single person that ever asks about it.

F-Stop Pro Large ICU – This is the Internal Camera Unit. You put it in the camera bag or pack it in your checking luggage or use it however you want. I really like the build quality and the fact that you can swap out different ICUs in different bags.

F-Stop Dyota – This is a day-to-day backpack that has a camera gear compartment at the bottom half that you can access from the sides. It also features a laptop compartment that fits 16-inch laptops and has a weather-resistant outside. 

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