Become A Master Of Timelapse Photography

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Learn how to plan your timelapse missions, how to predict great conditions, how to read the sky, and more.


Learn the basics of shooting simple timelapses, then move on to the advanced techniques.

Basic & Advanced Editing

Learn how to edit in Lightroom Classic, LRTimelapse, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

Downloadable working files

Download my RAW (and JPEG) sequences to follow along.


Learn how to read, capture, and edit the night sky.

Hyperlapse Photography

Learn how to plan, shoot and edit mesmerizing hyperlapse sequences

Holy Grail Timelapse

Learn how to capture sunsets & sunrises, then edit them with LRTimelapse and more.

Motion Control Timelapse

Learn how to use basic and advanced motion control equipment.

And so much more (seriously)

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Improve your skills, find new clients, and make more money.
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The Ultimate Timelapse Course

Become A Master Of Timelapse

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What's Included In The Ultimate Timelapse Course?


Hyperlapse Photography

Create captivating hyperlapse sequences. Learn how to find and shoot subjects, how to stabilize them with different methods.


Motion Control Timelapse

Learn how to work with multi-axis motion control devices to add production value to your timelapse shoots.



Capture the beauty of the night sky. Plan your astro missions in detail and learn how to make the milky way shine.


Holy Grail Timelapses

From predicting great sunrises and sunsets to shooting and editing flawless holy grail sequences, you will never make a mistake again.


Creative Editing Techniques

From time slice photos and videos to moon and sun composites to removing birds and planes in the most efficient ways.

Get Lifetime Access To The Ultimate Timelapse Course

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What's included in this video course?

85+ Tutorial Videos

These 85 (and counting) video lessons aren't available anywhere else. That's over 6 hours of exclusive content.

VALUE $297

The Ultimate Timelapse Guide

Take this e-book with you on location to reference during your planning and shooting timelapse, hyperlapse, astro, and more.


Timelapse Presets & LUTs 

Get access to my Timelapse Presets & LUT collection which I use to colour grade all of my timelapse footage.


Exclusive Discounts

Get access to exclusive perks and benefits only available via this course. 

Up To $134

Pro Timelapse Template

This file management template will save you countless hours of searching for RAW and Project Files for years to come.


Timelapse Community

This exclusive members-only forum is a place to network, provide and receive feedback, share ideas, gear questions and more.


Downloadable Files

Follow the tutorials along with original RAW and JPEG. Now also adding new camera video files like Canon 8K clips, Lumix in-camera render files and more.

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Project Files

Download and work with the original project files used in the video tutorials. Follow along at your own pace, or play with the footage and modify it all yourself.

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Future Content

Get lifetime access to all future videos, tutorials, and downloadable files added to The Ultimate Timelapse Course

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Who Is Your Instructor

My name is Matthew Vandeputte. I've been a full-time freelance timelapse & hyperlapse photographer for over a decade.

I've worked with the world's biggest brands (Google, Samsung, Canon, Microsoft, etc) and you can find my work on Netflix, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and more.

With over 220,000 followers in the timelapse space, I've taught the art of time warping to thousands of people across the world and I can't wait to teach you!

85 Videos In 16 Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Introduction, Downloads, and Discounts.
  • Chapter 2: Timelapse Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Timelapse Pre-Production
  • Chapter 4: Basic Timelapse - Shooting
  • Chapter 5: Basic Timelapse - Editing
  • Chapter 6: Advanced Timelapse - Holy Grail
  • Chapter 7: Advanced Timelapse - Astrophotography
  • Chapter 8: Advanced Timelapse - Hyperlapse
  • Chapter 9: Advanced Timelapse - Motion Control
  • Chapter 10: Timelapse Software Plugins
  • Chapter 11: Timelapse editing techniques
  • Chapter 12: Timelapse Data Storage
  • Chapter 13: Timelapse With GoPro Cameras
  • Chapter 14: Content Licensing
  • Chapter 15 & 16: Thank You & Bonus Content
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  • 85 videos and counting [$297]
  • Timelapse Lightroom Preset & LUT collection [$69]
  • 142-page e-book [$49]
  • Exclusive discount codes [Up To $134]
  • File management template [$19]
  • Access to members-only forum
  • Access to all future content
  • Access to the mobile app
  • Downloadable RAW & project files

Are You Still Undecided?

"Matthew Vandeputte is a Belgian photographer whose work is at the forefront of commercial timelapse and hyperlapse photography. " FSTOPPERS.COM

"I have purchased quite a few timelapse courses but if I was to choose one, it has to be Matt's ultimate course, it literally covers everything, this will be my go-to whenever I need to look back for improvements and to learn new things..."
A Course Student

"Can't thank you enough for all you do! I have literally have been able to land amazing jobs, change my career fully, and absolute love what I do now, thanks to what you teach! Cheers!!"
A Course Student

"This course has lived up to every expectation I had going into it. From start to finish, I have found a so many big “takeaways” and it’s already saving me from making mistakes."
A Course Student

"If there's one name that springs to mind when we come to the topic of hyperlapses it's Matthew Vandeputte." 

"Matthew Vandeputte is a Belgian-born timelapse photographer who has made a name for himself pushing the technique to the limits"

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Bending Time: The hidden dimension of time-lapse photography

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