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Learn how to plan your timelapse missions, how to predict great conditions, how to read the sky, and more.


Learn the basics of shooting simple timelapses, then move on to the advanced techniques.

Basic & Advanced Editing

Learn how to edit in Lightroom Classic, LRTimelapse, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

Downloadable working files

Download my RAW (and JPEG) sequences to follow along.


Learn how to read, capture, and edit the night sky.

Hyperlapse Photography

Learn how to plan, shoot and edit mesmerizing hyperlapse sequences

Holy Grail Timelapse

Learn how to capture sunsets & sunrises, then edit them with LRTimelapse and more.

Motion Control Timelapse

Learn how to use basic and advanced motion control equipment.

And so much more (seriously)

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The Ultimate Timelapse Course

Limited Pre-Sale deal

Timelapse Fundamentals

Learn the basics of planning and shooting timelapses, then move on to the advanced techniques.

Basic & Advanced Editing

Learn how to use Lightroom, LRTimelapse, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

Astro-Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Motion Control & so much more (seriously)

This course features a decade's worth of timelapse experience.

75+ Exclusive Tutorial Videos

Over 65 of these in-depth tutorial videos are already available, with new videos added weekly.

Free 139-page e-book + Presets & LUTs Included

Get a complimentary download of The Ultimate Timelapse Guide 2021 & my Timelapse Presets & LUT collection ($98 value).

Access Anytime, Anywhere, Forever

Via the browser or the mobile app, day or night, wherever you are, you have lifetime access to this course.

Create these shots for yourself


Your instructor

My name is Matthew Vandeputte. I've been a professional timelapse & hyperlapse photographer for the last ten years.

I've worked with the world's biggest brands (Google, Samsung, Canon, Microsoft, etc) and my work can be seen on Netflix, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and more.

I have taught the art of timelapse to thousands of people across the world and I can't wait to teach you.

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On top of the 75+ exclusive videos, working project files, hundreds of RAW & JPEG files you also get:

An exclusive 10% discount code for LRTimelapse [value up to $29]

The Ultimate Timelapse Guide e-book [value $49]

Lightroom Classic Timelapse Presets and LUT collection [value $49]

Post-Haste Pro Timelapse Template [value $9]

If you've purchased The Ultimate Timelapse Guide within the last 6 months you can get a refund for your purchase price. [value up to $49]

Access to the members-only community platform [can't put a price on friendship]

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"The most advanced yet simplified timelapse course out there! Period! Matt has simplified it so that a beginner like me can understand the theory and also the practical side of it easily."

"This course has lived up to every expectation I had going into it. From start to finish, I have found a so many big “takeaways” and it’s already saving me from making mistakes."

"I have purchased quite a few timelapse courses but if I was to choose one, it has to be Matt's ultimate course, it literally covers everything, this will be my go-to whenever I need to look back for improvements and to learn new things..."

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