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Timelapse & Hyperlapse Photography

High-End Timelapse & Hyperlapse Photography Productions

Join Canon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and many others in trusting me with your unique visual content.

Currently based in East London, I'm available for projects across the globe.

Watch my latest London Timelapse Showreel below.

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About Me

I graduated from the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema, and Sound in Brussels in 2011 and have been a full-time freelance timelapse & hyperlapse photographer since. Having been based in Antwerp, Sydney, and London over the last decade, I've worked with a global network of top-tier brands, film production companies, firms, and agencies.

Timelapse Photography

From your cityscape establishing static light timelapses, to "holy grail" (changing light) and multi-day long captures for stage builds and large events like festivals and even weddings, I've done it all.

Hyperlapse Photography

Having been granted an Australian Permanent Residency back in 2014 and more recently full-blown citizenship based on my so-called "Distinguished Talent" of hyperlapse photography, I know I am the right person for your hyperlapse job.


Motion-Control Timelapse

Using the latest equipment in the motion-control world, we can add multiple axes of movement to elevate your film and increase your production value.


Custom Content, Consulting, & More

I'm available for consulting on projects and productions, camera equipment and development, software, and more.

Social Media Marketing

With over 250,000 followers across platforms, I have one of the largest followings in the timelapse & hyperlapse scene. If you're looking for a Key Opinion Leader in this realm regarding product promotions, social media campaigns, or real-life events please get in touch.

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